Embrace and embed culture responsiveness in everyday teaching.

Achieve academic excellence using Unytus culturally responsive curriculum

Students deserve to feel welcome safe and part of the Learning community. 

By 2044, half of the nation’s population will be people of color.

Cultural awareness and practicing DEI are not only the right thing to do but will be the popular thing to do. 

Are you struggling to find relevant content for DEI practices?

Current DEI practices and policy efforts are not sufficiently meeting the needs of teachers and students.  These efforts are either under-resourced or are insufficiently funded to deliver on scaling culturally responsive tools and curriculum in school districts. This overburdens teachers as they are struggling in developing or finding relevant content for DEI practices.

Explore Unytus and get the best 

Finally, pre-packaged content including lesson plan with all the printed props, Powerpoint presentations, assessments, and feedback report formats currently available for 2nd grade students (3rd-5th grade is WIP); to prepare students for 21st century global citizenship for practicing DEI, while maintaining academic excellence.

Consistent, colorful curriculum with a conscience that can be used more often. 

Unlike traditional methods of promoting DEI and culture responsiveness like cultural day celebration or doing in-person workshops which happen once or twice a year, teachers can use Unytus analog lesson plans embedded with culturally responsive stories, activities, and assessments, informed by ELA Common core standards of learning comprehension and vocabulary and culturally responsive pedagogy (CRP). 

Ignorance and lack of awareness about values and culture of other countries and communities could be a hindrance to prepare students for 21st Century global citizenship


“Misunderstanding arising from ignorance breeds fear, and fear remains the greatest enemy of peace.” — Lester B Pearson

DEI Leaders

Affordable DEI tools and relevant content option that is culturally responsive. No need to worry about not hitting your goals in promoting and practicing DEI. More effective than one-off solutions as those are not sustainable nor in the student’s best interest of continuous learning.

School Teachers

Eases the burden of teaching culture relevance while maintaining academic excellence. Minimize prep time with an engaging curriculum that’s already created. Plus, you don’t have to do separate classes, culture relevance is embedded into ELA learning.

School Administrators

Save resources and time by lessening the responsibility and burden of building culturally responsive tools and curriculum from scratch. Have peace knowing your students’ safety is top of mind with well-tested and approved curriculum, tools, and solutions. A smart and strategic way to keep your school rating high. A creative way for schools to access additional funds to purchase Unytus for students is using Title I and Title IV funds. Unytus promotes safe & healthy schools, a well-rounded education, and utilizes digital technology – making it eligible for Title IV funds.


Students will gain knowledge about the existence of different cultures and their values right from their young age when they are formulating their beliefs and thoughts. This helps to embrace their existence and not fall into the trap of racism and hatredness. Students will be more accepting and embracing of their fellow students who not only look differently from them but eat differently, practice different values and this all will help them when they are ready to be the workforce.

By introducing and sharing other cultures and their practices, we have a greater chance at being a peaceful and harmonized society.


  • While sharing their personal experiences, one of my students saw herself and her friends in the story and could not stop from sharing her experiences and her family background.


    My students loved getting the Unytus story books in hand, something very tangible and the excitement around doing activities at the end of story was ultimate.

    Elementary Teacher
    Pilot School, Public School District, Wisconsin